27 April 2011

Paris really is this cool

A Paris post is long overdue. The main reason it hasn't happened is because the subject is just overwhelming. I can't do it justice in an hour or two. So we'll just have to accept this as a work in progress to be added to over a few weeks.

Paris is a difficult topic. It has been greatly over-romanticized, and there has therefore also been a horrible whiner backlash by those expecting some kind of garlic-scented Disney themepark.

(to be continued - I'm being called to bed by the girl in the picture. Would you say no?...)
(22 May update, weeks later... I will still get to it....)

19 April 2011

Summer is almost over

The frangipani are still heavy with flowers, but dusk creeps in earlier and earlier, and barefoot is not nearly as pleasant as it was a month ago.

18 April 2011


New art in our house from the multi-talented Kai Lossgott:

from the somatosenses series. Kai Lossgott. 2006 - 2010. Ongoing series.
Dry point engravings printed in etching ink on archival paper

Follow the links and visit kailossgott.blogspot.com for more.

17 April 2011

It's the best you can do

I consider myself a discriminating eater. But sometimes a Friday night bachelor has to do what he has to do.

13 April 2011

the decisive moment

This photo competition has me in a lather. Oh I want that X100 sooooooo bad. Help me decide.

Which of these best reflects Cartier-Bresson's concept of a photograph that is not only aesthetically great, but is timed perfectly - his 'Decisive Moment'?

girl at Cartier-Bresson exhibition, (Paris 2003)

05 April 2011


Seagulls and starlings are very underrated. Why do we always value rarity so highly?