29 October 2011

more arums, and a small suprise

Arum Lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica), with Arum Lily Frog (Hyperolius horstockii), Noordhoek Common. These tame little frogs are about 35mm long, and fairly abundant and widespread on the southern Peninsula in the right habitats. Fortunately they are not too fussy about living in fairly disturbed wetlands like this one under the European oaks. And of course they don't live only on arum flowers.

Mark and Zoë

Precocious and freakishly intelligent. Just like his daughter.

A study in red.

17 October 2011

still rocking

My old man. I hope I'm as awesome in my 70's. I'm proud of you dad.

09 October 2011

the morning after

an artichoke

Artichoke, "Green Globe" (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus)

02 October 2011

decor for the rich: do not fight serendipity

You know how it goes. Needed a special gift for a friend's birthday. Popped into Vintage Bazaar, Lower Main Road Observatory, just to ask directions to Liesl Trautman's new premises. But being a second hand junkie, once inside I had to have a quick look around.

I've been looking for a good example of one of these since I broke mine three years ago, and this is it. No chips or cracks, and only R120 (less than US$10).