19 March 2011

Cosmo's moon

Full moons are unpredictable. They can be calming and serene, or render me unable to sleep, restless and fidgety.

17 March 2011

Have your cake

Intention is everything.

14 March 2011

there be dragons

in the Southern Cape.

Very slow and stately ones. Beware all ye crickets and flies.

Sometimes staring through a lens lets you see things you would not otherwise. Like the narrow ring of gold around this dragon's pupil, expanding and contracting ever so slightly in response to the light.

07 March 2011

pining for the tropics

If you know where to look in Cape Town, fine Indian dining and the ingredients required to replicate it are at hand. Fresh curry leaves? Easy, brought in from Durban several times a week. A vast and dazzling array of dried spices, secret and not-so-secret mixes, and sacks of rice in suitably picturesque printed cotton? No problem. Choose from dozens of shops, replete with ceiling high stacks of stainless steel tinware, and the heady scent of authenticity.

The rest of Asian cuisine is rather more of a challenge.

04 March 2011

It's March

lily time. Amaryllis belladonna. Always on time. Exquisite, but a little creepy. Softly pink and sweetly fragrant cannot mask the subtle bitterness that warns of toxic alkaloids.

The scent evokes an old perfume in a dusty recess of my childhood memories. Feminine, but with a dark, slightly jarring undertone. I think it was a scent my grandmother wore for evening occasions in the 1970's. Something that smelt of Europe in the 40's, a relict from a grander life. But I'm not really sure, and don't have the words to resurrect it properly.