25 September 2012

So much Spring, so little time

It's the best and longest Spring in as long as I can remember. Despite my best intentions, photo editing and this site are coming a rather poor spare time second (fifth, sixth...?) to gardening, playing in the unbelievable flowers, taking photos, rearranging my garage as a preamble to actually re-starting work on my Moto Guzzi V7 Special, and admiring some vintage red tractor lights that I intend to turn into light fittings.

Did I ever mention that I'm a chronic and unashamed junk hoarder? But really, who can resist cool old shit. Like these cast agricultural valve handles. One day they'll be door or drawer handles, but for now I'll just look at them lovingly once in a while, or include them in a Spring-themed photographic reference to the shortage of free time in my life. And by that I mean the deep inconvenience that results from having to earn a living and do useful things most of the time.

09 September 2012

burgundy magnolias picked from a forgotten and neglected tree
wild stock of Gladiolus tristis grown in pots, elegant and beautifully scented
a happy experiment for our garden, anemones in shades of pink, mauve and red (variety St. Brigid)