21 May 2012

I need the world to slow down for a while. To be calm and still and kind.

20 May 2012


Say what you will about foodie-ism being an elitist pastime, the trickle down effect doesn't take too long. The fact that you can buy three superb pomegranates, in season, in the supermarket, for R10 (a shade over US$1) can only be a good thing. Yet another wonderful ingredient that wasn't even dreamt of in retail outlets twenty years ago. Yes, South Africa is just discovering these, a year after that food fad already peaked in the US and UK. They will no doubt appear in restaurants for the next 18 months sprinkled over everything. But the best way to eat them is just like this, and still will be, long after they've joined the ranks of sun-dried tomatoes and artfully arranged star fruit or kiwi fruit slices in the annals of passé foodie fare.

12 May 2012

Ingrid & Kevin's vintage birthday

It's fortunate that the best photo from this late night, slightly drunken and very chaotic photo booth session was of the birthday girl and birthday boy together. Like a still from a Woody Allen movie.