24 June 2011

Naked woman hangs on hotel door

Oh what fun! Creative Review (UK) is running a competition via Twitter to design a perfect hotel door sign. The second I saw it I knew what I wanted to do:

10 June 2011

everyday flotsam

Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in virtual. And forget that every day there is a beach only five minutes away. Strewn with cool stuff that came from somewhere else.

09 June 2011


Geek heaven. XKCD makes Dilbert seem like a boring engineer.

And not just tech geek jokes. Maths geek, physics geek, science geek, and more. Link from the cartoon. I can't believe I only discovered him now.

05 June 2011

In which we play with our food, or: eggy bread goes pretentious

I would love to open a restaurant or do a cookbook where every dish is an upmarket version of take-away food. Most of the joy would be in making sure the menu only used the original name, with not a mention of jus or fucking foam anywhere. Gatsby anyone?

04 June 2011

Fargo Trading

Basmati, borrie (turmeric), curry leaves, fresh & dry coriander, cinnamon, coconut milk, dried shitake. Underneath and not visible: moong dal, large green lentils, black-eye beans, cous cous, whole jeera (cumin), chana flour. Not only can money buy happiness, but happiness is cheap. Around R300 for this lot (yup kids, that's less than US$45). These days Fargo Trading even have bar-code scanners and take credit cards.