22 August 2010

better than Peter Mayle

Rodale (ca. 1950) How to Grow Fruits and Vegetables by the Organic Method, 31—Harvesting and Storing Fruits..........p654:

"Melons— The gathering of them is a fine art. They must be ready to leave the parent vinea trifle reluctantly, perhaps, but the parting is definitely in order. The seeds should be mature, the fruits as heavy as they will every be and, again, that subtle change has taken place in the colour of the rind. In case of doubt, test as you would a cheese: cut a plug and examine and taste it.

GrapesGrapes are never so good as when they grow, spread out, over a stone wall in the sun. When they drop at a touch, then bring them to the table and let their perfume fill the room."

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