16 September 2010

and I made it all up myself he said modestly

Clearly 'boeuf bourguignon en croûte' is just a poncy way of saying steak pie.
Red wine braised beef pie, but pie nonetheless. But pretty good for the first time in ages I've had a go at proper home-made buttery, roll and rest and roll and rest and roll and rest flaky pastry, and after all that it seemed important to elevate the name above corner shop takeout. And the wild mushroom reduction on the butter bean puree was a stroke of genius if I say so myself. Nearly all of my super-fussy-and-one-professional-foodie guests had seconds. Yay.

The Hartenberg Weisser Riesling was gorgeous - flinty and beautifully structured. The First Sighting Pinot perhaps a little thin for such a robust main though. Most fortunately, the exceedingly fine botrytis late harvest was under-appreciated by guests who had to drive home all the way to town. So I got to finish it myself over the next week and it only got better and better, until I sucked the last honeyed drops through crushed ice.

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