19 March 2011

Cosmo's moon

Full moons are unpredictable. They can be calming and serene, or render me unable to sleep, restless and fidgety.
So I was curious what unrest the closest, largest moon in 20 years might bring.

Rather ominously, this one emerged from the dirty smoke of mountain fire.

The omens were not clear. Red hair and very blue hearts shouted a warning of dangerous and short-lived passion.

But then a stinky old fishing boat dedicated as a monument to eternal love argued of some powerful opposing juju.

So we deemed it safe to carry on wandering thought the hot, still electric dusk.

Where every kind of person dipped their poles into the oily sea along the harbour wall.

And night was luminous day.

I did have a love affair that evening.

But it was brief. Maybe 20 seconds before they walked into the blue night.

Then my True Love brought me to my senses with a single look and took me home.

And I slept very, very well.

(If the post title reference was too obscure, you clearly haven't watched Moonstruck enough times.)


  1. I have watched Moonstruck but not enough times.

    Cosmo had no other love but Rose...

  2. Well remembered. And the huge moon of the movie also only came around once in a very long while.