17 October 2011

still rocking

My old man. I hope I'm as awesome in my 70's. I'm proud of you dad.

This particular ensemble is the Riverboat Jazz Band. You can catch them belting out Dixieland every Sunday Night at Ferrymans in the V&A Waterfront.

Week nights they reconfigure as sophisticated background musicians in fancy restaurants - solo, two and three piece - take your pick from keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals, drums, sax, brass section.

But experience is a helluva thing. This lot can do just about any standard since the 50's in jazz, rock, pop and soul. 'Summertime' for the party hostess who fancies herself a diva? They'll do it with a smile and in whatever key you want. Who needs sheet music when you've been playing by ear since 1960. Oompah? Sure, bring on ze lederhosen. They've even been known to do Jewish weddings and Greek parties. By the time they've run out of authentic songs, everyone's too drunk to notice that they're making it up as they go along. My dearest father was even part of the winning orkes (band) in the televised national boeremusiek competition some years ago, after he was roped in as an emergency substitute.

Ron on drums, feeling it. He sings too.

The lovely Lola is easier on the eye and ear though. Vernon far right rocks guitar and double bass.

His mellow music online at

But live is their forté - want to book them? http://www.gentlejazz.net
I see the contact form there needs work, so you can always route enquiries via my contact page.


  1. Love your pics Don and great to honour your Dad.

  2. so lovely. hope to see him play somewhere soon.