11 December 2011

sardine run

Interesting times. I trust it will work out better for me.


  1. Lots of questions raised here...

  2. Sorry, that was awfully cryptic and fraught. Just a little wind of change blowing. May be something, may be nothing. Will update if there's news.

  3. And... the winds of change have gone on holiday. Sunny and calm until next year.

  4. OK, we have told all the key people and I can stop being so mysterious. Rosie's had a verbal offer, although no contract yet, for a dream job as SanParks vegetation ecologist for all their northern parks... based in Kruger National Park. It's looking highly likely that we will uproot from the Western Cape by mid-2012 for a good long while. We're excited and terrified in more or less equal measure.

    1. ...and looking less and less likely by the day: "SANParks budget shortfall, all job offers with unsigned contracts frozen.". Ah well, life as usual is also pretty good.