02 March 2014

It's been five months.

The problem with a blog for personal pleasure is that when one is less than buoyant, it can feel a bit like work. Also, I find that more and more I want to get away from my computer and do stuff with my hands again. To have something tangible when I'm finished.

So I present to you what I've been up to today:  motorbike customisation progress - a pair of lovingly hand-fabricated headlamp brackets.

What you see here is about about 22 hours of Photoshop mock-up, cardboard templates, staring, measuring, staring, cutting, checking, staring, brazing, cosmetic filling with tin solder, grinding and painstakingly hand sanding to be ready for plating. Yes, that's only one small component of the bike. But aren't they pretty?


  1. Hi Donovan
    This is a great story. Can't remember what it was that I first found your page and bookmarked it. I would love to see what progress you've made on your Guzzi rebuild since 2014.
    Kind regards

    1. Dave, sadly bugger all. But it's safe and sound and waiting for when work gets less demanding (estimate another 3 years...)