01 January 2012

How to find a bargain in Hyde Park Shopping Centre:

First, pop in to Burberry. Admit to yourself that the coats with price tags north of R15,000 (US$1,900/GBP1,200) are quite nicely tailored.  Stand like a country yokel in front of the R2,000 (US$250/GBP150) T-shirts, trying desperately to see how they are superior to the R45 polycotton version you just rejected as downright shitty in Mr Price. Then shake your head in disbelief and head downstairs to the Culinary Equipment Company.

Believe it or not, they not only have a large selection of utensils and tools actually helpful in producing good food rather than just looking good in your kitchen, but their prices are, give or take, similar to catering wholesalers. Except that catering wholesalers do not generally stock such excellent quality French-made large crepe pans. And catering wholesalers certainly do not have a coffee bar where an unpretentious barista can pull an excellent, moderately priced, crema-laden espresso without even a hint of hipster attitude.

Happy Christmas to me, happy Christmas to me, happy Christmas to me-e-e-e...

Le Parfait straight sided screw and clip top preserving jars: R20-R30 ea.

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