17 January 2012

black velvet

Look at her, freshly moulted, resplendent in her blue-black coat, and completely living up to the name Velvet Spider. Such a shy little thing, all 1cm of her gazing cautiously at me through those four eyes. As our porch was recently rendered unsafe by vigorous cleaning, especially for a soft and recently moulted mommy with eggs, I gently relocated her to a wild rockery further down in the garden.


  1. Replies
    1. In a good way I hope? (-: Not everyone likes to get up close and personal with hairy spiders.

  2. By further down the garden you mean...far....far...far away??

  3. I caugt a spider like this onmy curtain.I would like to know if its poisonous and if it bites humans

    1. Hi anonymous.

      These spiders of the genus Gandanemo are part of the family Eresidae - they only occur in the Old World and are completely harmless and will not bite humans. This is a very close-up macro shot, making her look a bit bigger than the 3-4cm (1.5") that she really is.

      See http://www.biodiversityexplorer.org/arachnids/spiders/eresidae/index.htm for more info.

  4. Oh, my Lord...even at a 1.5" that's terrifying. Magnified, the spider almost looks....sentient...

  5. Aww she's too cute 😍 love these darlings